Welcome! On this page, you’ll find various animations I’ve completed over the course of my lifetime. Like the digital artwork page, I’ll post updates on this page as well, just not as often because animations take a lot longer to complete. You can click this link to view all of my animations in one chunk without the text.                                                     ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is the second animatic I did for CAGD 345, and it was a group project. It’s about a paintbrush who accidentally dries his bristles out and is worried that he won’t be able to paint anymore. My partner initially helped with some of the storyboarding and character design, but eventually stopped coming to class and I had to finish it on my own. It’s a certainly more readable and entertaining story than my first one, but still could use some work.                                                                                                                            Estimated time spent: 26 Hours                                                                                                                            Date completed: December 15, 2017


Although this is technically an animatic, I think it still belongs here because it shows visual storytelling through motion. This is the first solo animatic I created for a class called “CAGD 345, Pre-Production”. Looking back on it… it’s not that great. It’s hard to follow unless the story is explained previously and it doesn’t make too much sense if you can’t follow with what’s what. I tried to put a lot of effort in this class, but my drawing skills are sub-par and it’s hard to convey a mediocre story while simultaneously trying to put a lot of effort into something you aren’t good at. It’s about a cheese grater and a slice of cheese that fall in love but the cheese grater is emotionally abusive. He walks through the streets looking for answers when he finds some in a tomato-knife couple in a restaurant. Yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten that from watching the video either.                                                                                                                              Estimated time spent: 22 Hours                                                                                                                          Date completed: November 3rd, 2017


This is yet another 30 second animation that I was a part of for my third 24 Hours Animation Jam. The theme for this one was “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things, doesn’t belong”. I animated a few of the 3D scenes and helped with a lot of the visual storytelling with editing. We placed 39th out of over 160 teams that competed! Compared to the previous year’s (95th place), I think both myself and others are improving as animators and storytellers.                                                                                Estimated time spent: 22 Hours                                                                                                                        Date completed: October 7th, 2017


This was the final project of my CAGD 330 class. We had to create 5 separate game animations that cycled on a loop. I think these are a bit better than my previous animations, but they still could use a bit more work and a bit more time to polish.      Estimated time spent: 36 Hours                                                                                                                          Date completed: May 14, 2017


Going back, I can’t find all of my practice animations, but this was one of the earlier animations I made in my upper level animation classes. None of the ones from this class are that great, but at least I can see where they could use improvements.          Estimated time spent: 4 Hours     Date completed: February 23, 2017


This is another 30 second animation that I was a part of for another 24 hour animation jam. The theme for this animation was “create an animation with a wall”.  I created/modified the sounds, a couple of models, and helped with the editing process. We placed 95th out of 134 teams, not too bad for a team of amateurs and mostly first timers to the anim jam.                                                                                                                                        Estimated time spent: 22 Hours                                                                                                                      Date completed: October 8, 2016


This is a short film that I worked on called Jarl of the Isle. I was given the wonderful opportunity to work on this after being approached by Kollin Stewart and Sonia Ayala while they were still partway through development. I was tasked with recreating (and essentially redoing) a bit of the initial rough animation, which was the first step in the pipeline process. I animated scene 2 shot 10 and scene 3 shot 4. I wish I could’ve done more to help but it was an awesome opportunity to work with a team on this project!     Estimated time spent: (Unknown)                                                                                                             Date completed: June 15, 2016   ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is another short clip of 3D animation. This animation was made in a span of 24 hours (and we were very rushed by the end of it, we made a couple of editing mistakes). It was my first time using rigs to animate an actual character. I worked with 5 other people to produce this animation. I animated the first scene and the fifth scene, and I learned that working with a team is a lot more fun (but a little bit stressful) than I thought!                                                                                                                                                                             Estimated time spent: 16 hours (8 hours of sleep)                                                                           Date completed: February 20, 2016                                                                                                         ________________________________________________________________________________________________


This is an animation I entered for a small competition to make an animation within 24 frames on something revolving around pop culture. Like any other normal human being, I made my animation on Star Wars; specifically, Kylo Ren throwing his lightsaber. Framerate: 12 fps (2 seconds long)                                                                                                     Estimated time spent: 14 – 18 hours                                                                                                             Date completed: January 14, 2016


This is a short clip of 2 balls bouncing – one of my first 3d animation experiences ever. It was the final for my CAGD 110 Computer-Assisted Art class.                                                     Estimated time spent: 1.5 hours                                                                                                                   Date completed: December 9, 2015                                                                                                           ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is the first time I had attempted something close to the esteemed 24 hour animation competition. I had to create a 30 second animation, start to finish, based on a theme given to us within the time frame of 24 hours.


This animation was a very lengthy, difficult challenge. It tells the story of a girl who comes home from a sad day at school as she falls asleep and recalls all of the good memories of her past. I used a lot more story elements in this one, and I learned a lot from my mistakes. My character line width was way too large, and I spent far too much time on the background drawings/animations (although I had so much fun doing them). Changing camera angles in a vector-based 2-dimensional platform was a bit of a challenge, but it added to the narrative of the story (it also made for some awesome animation). My animation in general was a bit sloppy but I learned how to animate using straight ahead animation (though now I prefer pose to pose much more). This time I disappointed Mr. B. because I turned it in a couple days late. I think you can see a recurring trend of Mr. B’s disappointment with me now, can’t you?                                       Title: Reminisce                                                                                                                                             Framerate: 24 fps                                                                                                                                               Estimated time spent: 169 hours                                                                                                                   Date completed: May 11, 2015

This video was a continuation of the original “asdfmovie-esque” series style I started animating. I began to enjoy making backgrounds, but I still had yet to practice making actual character animation (which I absolutely hated at the time and tried taking so many shortcuts [Protip: Don’t take shortcuts]). Once again, I managed to disappoint Mr. B.                                                                                                                                                                             Title: Compilanimation 2 [Ignore the youtube title]                                                                         Framerate: 25 fps                                                                                                                                     Estimated time spent: 140 – 150 hours                                                                                                     Date completed: May 14, 2014                                                   ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This video was my first attempt at making something Asdfmovie-esque. I loved the quick paced comedy shorts and I had a lot of funny ideas, so I thought it would be cool to make an animation like this. Although I did disappoint my teacher because he wanted me to show off my cinematic skills with more story/camera angles. Oops. Sorry Mr. B.                                                                                                                                                                           Title: Compilanimation [Just think of compilation + animation]                                                     Framerate: 25?? fps                                                                                                                                           Estimated time spent: 130 – 150 hours                                                                                                     Date completed: May 17, 2013                       ________________________________________________________________________________________________

WARNING: This video’s audio is very loud, tread lightly. This was my first lengthy animation ever! It’s definitely cringeworthy to look back at, but everyone starts somewhere! I made this as a Freshman in high school who knew nothing about animation but found it fascinating. This is where my passion took root!                                     Title: Zombie Apocalypse (Episode 1)                                                                                                    Framerate: 12 fps                                                                                                                                         Estimated time spent: 50 – 80 hours                                                                                                         Date completed: December 1, 2011                           ________________________________________________________________________________________________