Digital Artwork

Welcome to a page dedicated specifically to my artwork! I’ll continually post updates on any drawings/models/assignments I have completed throughout my blogging experience. ________________________________________________________________________________________________Landscape_Holmsen_Kyle

This was another project I did in my CAGD 110 class, focusing on a photoshop painting of some sort of landscape. I tried to add some subject matter to make it work and I also ran out of time to add more things… but it still wasn’t excellent. Mr. B. would be disappointed in this instance as well (refer to the animation page).                                             Estimated time spent: 14 – 18 hours                                                                                                               Date completed: December 2, 2015     ________________________________________________________________________________________________Still_Holmsen_Kyle

This is the first project I did in my CAGD 110 Computer-assisted art class! It was my first time trying to paint with photorealism in photoshop. I based my subject matter around I video game I enjoy playing, called “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.                     Estimated time spent: 16 – 21 hours                                                                                                             Date completed: October 20, 2015