CAGD 340 Coursework

Game Animation Final:

Date completed: May 16, 2017

Process: These animations, while short and sweet, took me a fair amount of time to complete. The animation I struggled with the most (but also am the most proud of) is the jump roll animation (the final one). I blocked out all of my poses and the one I think needs the most work to polish is the third dodging animation. I ran out of time, but I’d like more time to work on and polish the animations. I enjoyed this assignment, and I certainly learned a lot. As for the jump roll animations, I had around 13 to 15 major key poses. I struggled a lot with trying to keep the animation in place (as it is a game animation based on the CoG of the character). I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished but I know I can do so much more if I put more time and effort into it.

Tiger Walk Final:

Date Completed: April 13, 2017

Process: For the Tiger Walk Assignment, I studied some external reference in addition to the reference Mark gave us. For the most part, I just followed along with what Mark did in class and I also followed the tutorial online. I struggled trying to make the legs flow (if that makes sense). Looking back on it, I think my legs are slightly out of position, but I think I animated the tiger to the best of my abilities. If anything, I would probably have fixed up the tail some more, but overall I’m happy with how my tiger walk turned out.

Weight Final:

Date Completed: March 30, 2017

Process: For the heavy weight assignment, I didn’t want to focus on something standard like lifting a heavy ball or tire, I wanted to try my shot at something a little harder given the circumstance, lifting trash into a dumpster. After doing some blocking, I got stuck trying to figure out how to make my constraints not lose track of the trash can, but also not stick to my character’s hand the entire time. I had a tough time after watching several youtube videos and the videos recommended to us online, but I finally managed to figure it out by changing a 0 to a 1. I finally figured out it was the object, not the rig, that needed to be changed/adjusted. After tinkering with some key poses, I finally had what looked like a fairly decent animation. I struggled most with the initial squat and the dumping of trash (I had to stretch the arm a decent amount here). I still don’t like how it looks in terms of finishing/dumping, I couldn’t figure out how to alter his hand to unconstrain from the trash can (it awkwardly bends and sticks to it), but I’ve figured out how to now. I believe my animation could use some tweaking and slight pose fixing, but I’m happy with what I have done.

Weight Progress:

Date Completed: March 21, 2017


Run Cycle:

Date Completed: March 9, 2017


Pose to Pose:

Date completed: February 23, 2017

Process: I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to animate for my pose to pose, so I thought of a couple different ideas and decided that I wanted to do some finger snap/point at the camera. We had to animate a few different poses, and the character going to each one, “pose-to-pose”.