Finishing Up AnimSchool!

Hi all! Long time no see. I don’t post often enough but I am keeping up with all of my posts under the AnimSchool tab, so if you want some behind the scenes action of in-progress animation workflow, feel free to check that out. I’m finishing up my last class (Animating Appeal and Entertainment), but I’m about to start applying to jobs so that’s why I’m doing a little refresher on my websites. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next post!


Coming up on Senior Year

Hey there!

Senior year is just beginning and I’m so excited to start this journey (finally a majority of my classes are major classes!). I plan on focusing on honing my emotional storytelling through animation (focusing hard on facial and character animation). I’ll be sharing the progress with anyone who cares!


Back on the Grind!

I’ve been working part-time pretty heavily at my job at Denny’s (recently 36 hours a week, so much work!), and I’ve lacked time for creativity and progress. I think I’m gonna see if I can get into facial animation early because I think that would be a more interesting and story-based animation style that I really want to drive home and perfect. With summer coming up soon, I’ll have plenty of time to do just that! I also want to try to perfect my digital modeling and especially my UVing over the summer (since my UVs are garbage). Until next time!



I suck, but hey now I’ve ACTUALLY started on an animation and I have a couple more ideas that I can hopefully punch out within the next month before school starts. I still haven’t gotten a job because nobody likes me, but hey, at least I’m getting somewhere with life.

EDIT: Hopefully I can get some WIP’s out on my site to show my progress!

School’s out!

Hey there, I’ve been gone a while but I’ve decided no’w a good time for an update! I’ve finished my Freshman year here at CSU, Chico and it’s gone by really quickly. Over the summer in between job hunting and leisure time I’ll be creating and working on an animation or two! I’m excited because it’ll keep me busy and productive and also give me more improvement in terms of my skills.

The Beginning of a New Experience!

Hello all (and/or future Kyle)! I have created a website to allow me to keep track of all my work and progress as a student of animation! I am excited and blogging is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Most (if not all) of the updates I post on my website will be specific to my artwork and experience. I’m looking forward to see what the future hasĀ in store for me!